Catering Menu

What is a catering menu? 


It is the food choices for the catering company’s menu. When someone avails of this company’s services, the items on the menu will be the ones that will be served. A catering company usually has more than one catering menus due to the number of food choices available. You have to believe you will satisfy more people when you have more food on the menu. The menu can increase depending on the number of attendees for the corporate event. There are big companies that could have more than a hundred attendees while there are small companies that only have a limited number of attendees. The menu should contain all the executive chef’s best-sellers. It would be great if different menus are depending on the number of attendees. 


How do you plan a catering menu? 


You will hire an executive chef and have a meeting with him. Since you are the owner of an affordable catering company, you will decide what type of food you want on the catering menu. There are no limitations to this option. This is one time when you must be patient though since this will be what you will offer to your future clients. There can be some seasonal offerings now and then but you should stick to one menu.


Nobody will like a caterer who keeps on switching menus now and then. It would be best to start with the appetizers then proceed with the main course then finally the dessert. The last thing you should think of is the drinks since it is the least popular among all the items on the menu. The planning should involve all the other people within the catering company. Besides, they may all have some neat suggestions that you were not able to think of. Also, they may feel bad if you were not able to include them in the planning stage. After all, it is the most exciting part of starting a catering company. 



What is the best food menu for corporate catering? 


The food should have a lot of variety. It is expected that there are people who have some diet restrictions so there should be something for everyone. For example, there will be vegetarians in the attendees so better have tofu and vegetable options there too. There are also meat lovers so prepare the steak and roasted turkey for them. The same can be said for the drinks on the menu. There will surely be alcoholics so better have some wine and beer options on the menu. At the same time, there will be those who prefer to just drink water. Some people look forward to what you have for drinks. Speaking of the main event, a lot of people look forward to the dessert. Most caterers only have one or two dessert dish but that would depend on the number of guests. Don’t forget to include some items specifically for little kids. 

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