Wedding Planning

So, you’re engaged! Congratulations! Now, it’s on to the fun part – planning a wedding celebrant. You’re about to enter into a very exciting, and somewhat daunting, experience. It can be hard to know exactly where to begin when planning your wedding. Thankfully, there are scads of resources to help you plan an event that will perfectly reflect who you are as individuals and a couple. Read on for the best tips to get your wedding planning adventure off to a successful start!


Wedding planning is a big job that entails putting together a big event from beginning to end. Many people go into planning their weddings without realizing exactly how much work it is going to be. Think about a wedding you have been to and imagine every aspect of everything you saw and did that day. A planner (or the bride, or couple, themselves) had to plan each one of those things. 

From choosing attire and attendants to finding a venue, trying and ordering cakes, getting wedding attire altered, locating a DJ and planning a menu, decorations, and themes – all of this is planned.

In the excitement of planning, it’s very easy to overlook critical details, which is why it is important to be very organized during the wedding planning process. Keeping careful track of all documents can potentially save you much time and heartache later.


Great question. The answer is… maybe. As with everything else in life – and in the wedding planning – the answer is going to be a very personal one, based upon preferences, budget, and planning personality. While it’s true that hiring a planner does cost some cash, you must also consider that planners can ultimately save you money in the end. A planner is experienced in working at a variety of budget levels and will have contacts in the industry that might allow him or her to negotiate deals or think of possible venues or plans that had never occurred to you.

If you have special needs, a wedding planner can be particularly helpful. Perhaps you need to make sure that all accommodations and venues are wheelchair-accessible. Or maybe you need extra help planning a special menu to accommodate dietary preferences. Wedding planners are used to dealing with a wide range of needs, preferences, and experiences and can be very helpful in this type of situation.

That said, some people simply prefer to do their work from beginning to end. Just be prepared to put some serious time into it and to enlist help from willing family and friends along the way. It’ll all be worth it in the end.


The number one tip for planning a wedding on a budget is to prioritize! Figure out exactly what it is that you want to get out of your wedding experience. If you want a big wedding, think about why that is. Is it because you want everyone to be included or because you like throwing parties or some other reason? This reason is what you want out of your wedding. If you enjoy having lots of people around, perhaps it’s about inviting everyone but keeping the ceremony simple. Or if you are wanting something fancier, maybe it’s a matter of trimming the guest list. It’s all about figuring out what is important to you!

Buying a package is another great way to stay within budget. If you can bundle many different costs together for one price, you can eliminate unpleasant surprises further down the road. Just make sure that there is a very firm understanding (in contract form!) about what, exactly, is included in your wedding package. Then figure out anything else you will want to add to personalize and see if it still falls within your budget.

Celebrants and wedding planners, as well as wedding venues,  can help you explore options for packaging services to create an affordable celebration for you.

Whatever you decide to do, take the time to enjoy the process of planning your special day and choosing the type of celebration that best reflects who you are and your hopes for the future!

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